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Risk Assessment

Marico has experts specialising in marine, freshwater and estuarine environments. We promote sustainable management options linking natural systems with infrastructure and development. We provide services including environmental impact assessments, environmental risk assessments, environmental management and monitoring. 



Marico are specialists in risk assessment and recognise the importance of managing risk and compliance throughout the project. Marico can assist with ecological risk assessment and risk management to quantify environmental impacts and ensure the best possible environmental outcomes, while meeting project objectives and timescales. We can undertake ecological assessments for consenting to ensure the most appropriate mitigation measures and outcomes are considered during all project phases.


The assessments and monitoring our team can undertake:


  • Ecological risk analysis.
  • Marine risk analysis.
  • Habitat mapping and environmental analysis.
  • Oil spill impact analysis.
  • Aquatic surveys.
  • Specialised GIS risk analysis


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Marico Marine is pleased to present HAZMAN II - the updated, fully secure, web-based maritime risk assessment tool: including Navigation, Health and Safety and Corporate risk modules.

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