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Naval Architecture

Marico Marine can provide naval architectural services covering a wide range of areas.  Whether it’s at the earliest stages of concept development, through to in-service assessments and end-of-life decommissioning, Marico's naval architects’ years of experience can help your project run smoothly and safely.

Naval Architecture Expertise

Marico’s engineers work closely with a range of clients on naval architectural studies, including:

  • Vessel stability
  • Motions and seakeeping
  • Moorings, both in ports and offshore
  • Vessel concept development studies
  • Vessel selection studies for offshore operations planning

Previous Experience

Marico has carried out numerous naval architectural studies, including:

  • Ice Belt Effectiveness Study: Seakeeping analyses to investigate effectiveness of ice belt protection in Southern Ocean conditions
  • Mooring System Design: Multiple studies to develop both temporary and permanent spread mooring systems for tanker-based storage for offshore oil & gas projects around the world
  • Comparative Seakeeping Study: Assessment of performance of multiple candidate vessels as part of a client’s concept development study preceding a new vessel acquisition project
  • Riser Design Studies: Design of oil transfer hose/riser systems for offshore oil & gas installations
  • Mooring Analysis for Port Facilities: Modelling and analysis of mooring loads from a wide range of vessel types for port operators
  • Vessel Swinging Circle Analysis: Review of ship tracks from AIS data to assess vessel manoeuvring within port
  • Vessel Incident Reconstruction: Vessel motions analyses to replicate conditions during vessel incident in storm conditions at sea for legal case


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Marico Marine is pleased to present HAZMAN II - the updated, fully secure, web-based maritime risk assessment tool: including Navigation, Health and Safety and Corporate risk modules.

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