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Navigation Risk Assessment

Marico Marine is exceptionally well qualified and experienced to undertake Navigation Risk Assessments, having completed more than 100 assessments over the last 20 years.

Navigation Risk Assessment

Navigation Risk Assessments may be undertaken in various industry sectors from ports and harbours (including harbour developments and new port infrastructure) to offshore renewable installations. Assessments may support Port Authorities or Harbour Regulators by meeting the requirements of the Port Marine Safety Code or standards set by national regulators.

Marico provide an independent formal assessment of hazards which is achieved by following a structured process:

  • Data gathering and data analysis, including stakeholder consultation
  • Hazard identification
  • Risk assessment and ranking hazards by risk
  • Identification of risk controls

Marico has also developed its own hazard management software program HAZMAN II which is used in all company risk assessments and by a large number of ports and harbours worldwide.

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