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Hazman II

HAZMAN II is an internationally respected safety management system the caters to specific hazard and incident management needs of port authorities, ship-owners and maritime operations. Utilising a web-based platform with a stylish and user-friendly interface, HAZMAN II delivers a range of risk and incident requirements to ensure Port Safety Code compliance. 

HAZMAN II is a web-based safety management platform that can be utilised to manage all risk and incident management needs of an organization. Founded on the international standard for marine risk assessment, HAZMAN II has been development with the user experience whilst using variable user configurations and three inter-connected modules.

The new system displays a dashboard overview of risk within your organization. This interactive dashboard allows your management team to easily track all reported incidents, highlighting key areas of risk within your organizations. This innovative system allows for effective risk management with live incident recording and management.

HAZMAN II utilizes three databases:  Navigation Database, Health and Safety Database and Corporate Database

Risk Module

The Risk Module allows for the simultaneous creation of multiple risk registers with variable risk matrices. Modules include: Navigation risk; Corporate Risk and Health and Safety Risk.

Marico are proud to release the new dashboard feature allowing the user to effectively and easily manage risk within your organization.

The new stylish dashboard feature allows a visual depiction of risk across all databases. This user friendly feature provides a rapid overview of incidents associated with each module detailing the number of incidents, incident by month / year and by Type and incident reviews.The dashboard can be tailored to your managerial needs allowing for risk overviews within each department for informed hazard management.

Incident Module

The inbuilt incident Module allows for the compehensive recording of incident s and integration with live and historic AIS data for geographical representation of vessel swept paths.

Incident data may additionally be integrated with risk registers to inform hazard management. Incident can be populated by licensed users, or the public through the creation of a public entry form and supporting information such as photos and VTS.



Hazman II reporting functionality allows reports to be created across all Hazman II modules for monitoring, review and circulation. Reports may then be assigned a review period to ensure appropriate actions have been taken.



AIS Module

The AIS Module is a vessel monitoring tool that allows for the playback of AIS data across whole port systems in addition to the tracking of specific vessels, speeds and geographic locations through automated alerts.

The module can replay and store historical data and generate regular vessels activity reports by user defined areas.




Hazman II Training

Marico offers training courses in both the technical use of Hazman II and the principles of safety management. Trainers are selected according to specific training requirements which include skilled mariners, hydrographers, incident investigators and data analysts.

Hazman II training includes:

  • Introduction to the user interface
  • Introduction to the new dashboard system
  • Safe systems of Work (HSE/OSH Module)
  • Risk assessment methods
  • System setup and confirmation
  • Management of risk and incident data
  • Reporting Module




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Marico Marine is pleased to present HAZMAN II - the updated, fully secure, web-based maritime risk assessment tool: including Navigation, Health and Safety and Corporate risk modules.

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