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Port Mooring Analyses

Marico Marine is expert in all aspects of mooring system design.  Building on our engineers’ years of designing mooring systems for both ports and the offshore oil & gas industry, Marico can support the development of safe, efficient and reliable moorings for ports.  Whether it's the development of design loads and mooring arrangements during the design process, verification of the suitability of existing procedures or planning for new ships visiting your port, Marico can help.

Port Mooring Expertise

Marico's engineers work closely with a range of clients to design and analyse a variety of mooring system types and applications.  These include:

  • Port developments:  Developing mooring layouts and design loads for supply to civil engineering designers, including mooring and berthing loads
  • Reassessments of Existing Infrastructure:  Determining loads acting on existing berth equipment from new vessels of different sizes and types from original design scenarios
  • Planning for New Vessels:  Development of mooring arrangements and assessment of loads on berth equipment from new vessel types, including limiting conditions for vessels to remain berthed

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Port Developments

Marico has extensive experience of working collaboratively with Port Operators and Civil Engineering contractors on berth development and detailed design studies.

Through knowledge of mooring methodologies and capability in developing detailed ship models, Marico can:

  • Develop berth layouts that ensure geometrical compatibility with current and future vessels, including the optimisation of bollard locations to ensure that mooring lines are appropriately aligned
  • Perform design load calculations for berth design, including mooring loads on bollards and fenders and berthing loads.  Multi-vessel layouts can be considered, accounting for wind shielding effects and vessel thrust interactions
  • Use wind speed and direction statistics to assess berth up-time

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Existing Infrastructure

Over time, the load bearing capacity of berth infrastructure can degrade.  To ensure ongoing safety of ships and people, safe working limits for existing operations can be established based on revised capacity of mooring components.

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Planning for New Vessels

A key capability for ports and harbours is the ability to demonstrate to vessel owners the suitability of berth infrastructure to visits by new vessel types or those of larger than usual size.

Marico can verify proposed mooring arrangements and produce mooring plans and limiting wind speed criteria for the owners and crews of vessels looking to use a port.

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Marico Marine is pleased to present HAZMAN II - the updated, fully secure, web-based maritime risk assessment tool: including Navigation, Health and Safety and Corporate risk modules.

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