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Marico Marine's internationally recognised risk management system HAZMAN II caters to the specific hazard and incident management needs of Port Authorities and ship-owners ensuring safe maritime operations and Port Marine Safety Code compliance.


With a stylish and user-friendly web-based interface and variable user configurations across three intergrated modules, HAZMAN II provides optimum hazard management.

HAZMAN II modules:

  • Risk Module
  • Incident Module
  • AIS Module

Each module is tailored to different needs, covering:

  • Navigational Risk
  • Corporate Risk
  • Health and Safety Risk

HAZMAN II has a unique capability to rank risks, thus delivering a prioritisation of risk in areas where risks are diverse, such as a harbour.

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Risk Module

Designed with user experience in mind, the Risk Module can be tailored to suit individual port needs and includes:

  • Multiple risk registers with fully editable configurations
  • Dynamic risk control assignment and weighting
  • User assigned hazard
  • Progress monitoring via inbuilt auditing functionality

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Incident Module

The Incident Module allows for the comprehensive recording of incidents, with geographical representation and vessel playback through integration with AIS data.

Capable of public and licensed-user data entry, supporting information such as photos and VTS files can be uploaded.

Incident data may additionally be integrated with risk registers to inform hazard management.

The summary incident dashboard provides an interactive visual overview for the rapid identification of trends and outstanding actions.

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AIS Module

The AIS Module provides portwide vessel traffic playback and live monitoring. Vessel traffic replays, alert zones and AIS reports may be created.

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HAZMAN II reporting functionality has been developed to allow customisable reports to be generated across all HAZMAN II modules for monitoring, review and circulation.

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Marico’s experienced Mariners, Hydrographers, Incident Investigators and Data Analysts deliver technical courses in both HAZMAN II and risk management.

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