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From feasibility to decommissioning, Marico Marine provides maritime expertise throughout all stages of the project lifecycle.

Pre-Application - Licensing and Consents

Feasibility and Scoping

Multi-criteria risk modelling and expert mariner advice combine to provide constraint mapping, site delineation and early device & cable layout design services informing investment decisions and planning.

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Environmental Impact Assessment

Environmental Statements are a key component of the licence application process. Marico provide technical maritime expertise and Navigation Risk Assessments fulfilling EIA and regulator requirements.

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Post Consent - Discharge of Conditions

Once consent has been granted, the Development Consent Order sets out the requirement for pre and post-construction activities.

Final Layout Approval

The review of device alignment, spacing, marking and lighting in line with regulator requirements ensures safe navigation and search and rescue capabilities are maintained.

Passage Planning

Passage planning is essential to establish the safest site to base route for construction and maintenance vessels. Marico Marine’s team of expert mariners provide sound routeing advice based on proven experience and informed expert judgement.

Safety Zone Applications

UNCLOS sets provisions for the establishment of safety zones which may be enacted from construction to decommissioning. Marico Marine is experienced in the delivery of technical studies outlining the requirement and safety case for submission to the regulator.

Construction Traffic Monitoring

AIS-driven Vessel Traffic Analysis is employed to validate pre-application routeing predictions at given intervals secured within the DCO.

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Navigation Risk Assessment

An end-of-life Navigation Risk Assessment ensures appropriate safety and mitigation measures are in place prior to the commencement of decommissioning activities.

Marking and Lighting

Depending on the individual project, the requirement may exist for ongoing post-decommissioning marking. Vessel Traffic Analysis is undertaken to inform the requirement.

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Marico has a wealth of experience installing VTS systems and supporting vessel traffic monitoring for offshore infrastructure.

Through the implementation of bespoke information management systems, sensors and reporting tools, and the provision of ongoing support and maintenance, Marico ensures its clients extract maximum value from their data delivering the intelligence to work smarter.

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