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Marico Marine has an extensive track record in providing navigation risk assessment and vessel traffic survey solutions for maritime utility infrastructure developments. Assessments integrate vessel traffic analysis, stakeholder consultation and expert judgement to provide a complete assessment solution.

Navigation Risk Assessment

Marico Marine is exceptionally well qualified and experienced to undertake Navigation Risk Assessments, having completed more than 100 assessments over the last 20 years supporting port and harbour developments, offshore renewable energy project and other marine utility infrastructure developments.

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Strategic Assessment and Feasibility

Marico Marine's approach to strategic assessment and feasibility review enables key issues and navigational themes associated with proposed marine infrastructure to be determined, allowing targeted risk assessment and project optimisation to be achieved.

Supporting vessel traffic analyses include:

  • Identification of principal commercial shipping routes
  • Assessment of recreational traffic
  • Incident analysis
  • Anchorage analysis
  • Anchor-drop probability modelling

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