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Marico Marine has a wealth of experience in various specialisms relating to shipping studies including Collision Risk Assessment, Naval Architecture, Emissions Analysis and services supporting the Oil and Gas industry.

Navigation Risk Assessment

Marico Marine is exceptionally well qualified and experienced to undertake Navigation Risk Assessments, having completed more than 100 assessments over the last 20 years supporting port and harbour developments, offshore renewable energy project and other marine infrastructure developments.

Marico Marine has also developed its own hazard management software program HAZMAN II which is used in all company risk assessments and by a large number of ports and harbours worldwide.

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Collision Risk Assessment

Marico Marine can perform analytical studies to quantify collision risk between vessels and either other vessels or fixed objects such as offshore wind farm or oil & gas structures.

Marico Marine's Collision Risk Assessment capabilities are able to support the installation of new developments, the deployment of oil rigs to undertake drilling activities and the assessment of partially decommissioned structures remaining in-situ.

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Naval Architecture

Marico Marine can provide Naval Architectural Services covering a wide range of areas.

Whether it’s at the earliest stages of concept development, through to in-service assessments and end-of-life decommissioning,

Marico Marine’s engineers work closely with a range of clients on naval architectural studies, including:

  • Vessel stability.
  • Motions and seakeeping.
  • Moorings, both in ports and offshore.
  • Vessel concept development studies.
  • Vessel selection studies for offshore operations planning.

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Seakeeping Analysis

Marico Marine has experts experienced in all aspects of Seakeeping Analyses, allowing use of a variety of techniques to improve the safety and operability of your vessels.

Using a variety of seakeeping codes and methods, Marico Marine can support all phases of vessel operations.

From preliminary design studies to select optimal hullforms, through to vessel selection for short term charter, seakeeping studies can be used to ensure that you have the right vessel for the job.

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Rig Onloading & Offloading

Marico Marine develops tailored risk assessments for heavy-lift vessels undertaking rig offloads and onloads in ports and harbours.

Such assessments provide Harbour Masters with the regulatory tools needed to introduce weather limits, minimal towage standards, and for the installation of navigational buoys.

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Emissions Analysis

Marico Marine can develop animations to illustrate the emission of pollutant species from shipping.

Using the IMO's bottom-up greenhouse gas emission methodology, Marico Marine's approach determines quantities of significant emission species from commercial shipping, as well as allowing total emissions across a selected area to be quantified.

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