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Ports & Harbours

Marico Marine has been working to support the UK and international ports and harbours community since 1999, providing practical advice and robust scientific solutions based on sound expert knowledge and experience.

Port Marine Safety Code

Marico Marine has been closely associated with the development and implementation of the UK Port Marine Safety Code since publication in 2000, sharing knowledge and advice with UK ports ranging from small municipal harbours to large, privately-owned Port Groups.

Marico Marine's experience is also used to support ports and harbours internationally, adjusting the UK approach to take account of local legislation and requirements.

Port Marine Safety Code Services

Marico Marine employs experienced former Harbour Masters and Port Experts to provide advice and practical services to ports and harbours worldwide, including:

  • SMS Audits against requirements of UK PMSC, Australia Ports SMS Guidelines, NZ P&HMSC
  • Provision of Designated Person services
  • Attendance at Harbour Board meetings to provide assurance to Duty Holders
  • Independent audit prior to the three-yearly statement of PMSC compliance to the MCA/DfT
  • Support during and after MCA PMSC Health Checks
  • Undertaking Navigation Risk Assessments in port waters
  • Provision of bespoke training to Harbour Boards, staff and contractors

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Marico Marine provides port and harbour audit services to a wide range of harbours worldwide.

Specialising in auditing against the requirements of national and international legislation and codes, our ISO accredited auditors also undertake audits based on other Safety Management Systems in the port sector, including vessel and landward systems.

Marico Marine provides audits as a stand-alone service for assurance to Harbour Boards, Duty Holders or National Regulators, or as part of a wider package of services including provision of a named Designated Person and formal and regular reporting to provide Duty Holder assurance.

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Marico Marine undertakes Navigation Risk Assessments using any suitable methodology or system. The IMO-compliant methodology considering Most Likely / Worst Case scenarios is recommended.

To support the risk assessment process, Marico Marine offers the internationally recognised risk management software solution HAZMAN II.

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Port Mooring Analyses

Marico Marine is expert in all aspects of mooring system design.  Building on our engineers’ years of designing mooring systems for both ports and the offshore oil & gas industry, we can support you in the development of safe, efficient and reliable moorings for your port. 

Marico Marine's expertise includes development of design loads and mooring arrangements during the design process, verification of the suitability of existing procedures or planning for new ships visiting your port.

Marico Marine’s engineers work closely with a range of clients to design and analyse a variety of mooring system types and applications.  This includes:

  • Port developments:  Developing mooring layouts and design loads for supply to civil engineering designers, including mooring and berthing loads.
  • Reassessments of Existing Infrastructure:  Determining loads acting on existing berth equipment from new vessels of different sizes and types from original design scenarios.
  • Planning for New Vessels:  Development of mooring arrangements and assessment of loads on berth equipment from new vessel types, including limiting conditions for vessels to remain berthed.

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