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Seakeeping Analysis

Marico Marine has experts experienced in all aspects of seakeeping analyses, allowing us to use a variety of techniques to improve the safety and operability of your vessels.  Building on our naval architects’ years of using a variety of seakeeping codes and methods, we can support you in all phases of vessel operations.  From preliminary design studies to select optimal hullforms, through to vessel selection for short term charter, seakeeping studies can be used to ensure that you have the right vessel for the job.

Seakeeping Analyses Expertise

Marico’s engineers work closely with a range of clients to use seakeeping analyses to perform a variety of assessments, including:

  • Concept Development Studies: Comparative seakeeping analyses for different hullforms
  • Relative Motions Assessments: Quantification of green water on deck risk and resultant loads on deck structures
  • Operability Assessments: Using seakeeping characteristics in conjunction with metocean data to determine vessel operability in specific operating locations/regions
  • Dynamic Stability Assessments: Using advanced seakeeping techniques, impacts of parametric rolling, pure loss of stability, dead ship and wave surfing/broaching can be assessed using a combination of detailed simulation and empirical methods

Previous Experience

Marico has carried out numerous seakeeping studies, including:

  • Route Specific Seakeeping Assessments: Marico has performed seakeeping assessments that use hindcast metocean data to allow assessments of expected vessel performance when using particular routes
  • Seasickness and Crew Effectiveness: Marico has used seakeeping analyses to perform assessments against client supplied and code-based criteria for crew seasickness and operational effectiveness criteria.  These analyses have considered the detailed operational profiles for the vessels in question, allowing risks to be quantified and operations and vessels to be optimised
  • Operability of Offshore Operations: Using information about the vessel to be used and jobs to be performed, Marico can use seakeeping assessments to determine limiting metocean criteria for safe execution of tasks.  These limiting criteria are then combined with hindcast metocean data to allow sequential downtime assessments to be performed, allowing clients to optimise vessel selection and task sequences to minimise vessel on-hire duration


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